Only the fear of failure makes the dream impossible 

Finland - Country of Opportunities and Success

Finland is known about its fresh and pure nature, thousands of lakes and dazzling archipelago. Business is smooth and one of the most attractives in the world. If you are planning expand your business or want to find a new business partner, Finland is an amazing opportunity. We in businessconsult will help you to find your business and customers in Finland as finest and the most pleasant way. Finland welcomes you to be one of success makers. 



We help Finnish companies export and to expand businesses foreign markets. We work together with our customers to find solutions for access into Finnish market. International marketer needs to recognize local behaves and needs. 

We will bring more knowledge and experience to your company. We will help you to find customers and we'll assist you to export, -sell or invest in Finnish or global market. 

When a new approach is needed we will find way to do it. In each market there are business nuances to be understood to reach best success and therefore we will be for you.

We appreciate your interest in our experience and knowledge. Please take contact, tell us know about you, and let's find out how we can work together.

Our services: Export Management > Internationalizing > Sales Manager Services > Business and Customer Research > Operational and Sales Support > Business Start-up Projects > Sales and Business Culture Services


Contact: BUSINESSCONSULT Rauno A. Hoikkala, Kurkelantie 760-2, 25460 Salo, Finland. Tel. +358 44 0100 717. E-mail: